Custom Order for Brittany S

Custom Order for Brittany S

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1 11x14 acrylic tray bridal bouquet arrangement $275

Complimentary pick up and drop off 

Please Note!: With purchase, you are agreeing to allow creative freedom to me, the artist. The design is chosen + approved by you, however there may be minor adjustments once your block is in progress. You are paying for an artist's services! :)
•Purchase of this listing constitutes acceptance of terms.
• All communications are to be through email. If I’m not receiving responses, your order will simply be put on hold until I hear back.

• Resin reactions may be difficult to predict. Best care will be given to ensure the clearest and smoothest surfaces. Slight variations may occur.
• All resin slightly yellows over time! It looks like a faint amber "glow". This is true for ALL resins, regardless of brand. My casting resin has added UV inhibitors to keep it clear, but some degree of yellowing is inevitable over the years. Please keep your artwork OUT of sunlight so UV rays do not speed up this process.

• This process can also work with air-dried (hung upside down) bouquets.
• Flowers can sometimes show "bruising", or spots on the petals. (Most commonly white + pink roses) This is just from the flowers being handled by lots of hands between the florists, wedding day, shipping, etc.
• Most flowers will retain their original color / shape, but may appear a bit darker.
• I can only use your flowers in the condition in which I receive them.



•This is an acrylic tray form filled with resin and flowers. Acrylic can scratch, crack, chip or break. Care must be given to prevent this. Any damage to the tray after receipt, will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.